Cocker spaniel


Surname: Cocker spaniel
Alternative names: English Cocker Spaniel
Original origin: Great Britain
FCI group: Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs
size: up to 40cm
size: up to 36cm
Mass () : 11 - 14kg
Mass () : 10 - 13kg
Life expectancy: 10 - 15 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 4 - 6
coat color: brown, black, red, white, tricolor
coat type: tight, shiny
coat length: long
Character / essence: open, friendly, loyal, playful
attitude: needs a consistent education

Akita - introduction information

The direct ancestors of the Cocker spaniels look back on a long history, because coin finds from the fourth century BC already show pictures of similar dogs. The first mention of the Spaniels came from Great Britain in the 14th century, where these dogs were used primarily in the hunting of birds and small game. It is believed that the name of the Spaniel derives either from the Celtic word "spain" for "rabbit" or from the French verb "s'espagner" for "to lie down". At the beginning of the 19th century, there was a first distinction between several breeding lines in England, which led to a more precise classification. In addition to the Field Spaniel and the Sussex Spaniel, the name of the Cocking Spaniel appeared for the first time. Only a hundred years later did it finally come to a clear demarcation of the individual species in Great Britain and Europe and the founding of the first breed societies, which recognized the different Spaniels as separate races.
Cocker Spaniels are medium-sized hunting dogs that reach a shoulder height of about forty centimeters and have a compact stature with slightly sloping back and deep chest towards the loins. Striking is the unusually soft and silky coat, which appears long and slightly wavy except for the head. The Cocker Spaniel is well-known for its long lop-eared ears and pronounced attention to all four legs. Its dense fur may appear monochrome black, brown or red or be spotted in white-black, white-red, white-brown or tri-color.
The Cocker Spaniel has a decidedly cheerful and fun-loving nature and a pronounced hunting and reporting instinct. As a family dog, he is affectionate, people-oriented and very cuddly. He shows himself open and friendly to strangers, which is why he is not very suitable as a watchdog. Although he is basically easy to educate despite his exuberant and spirited nature, he can also be very headstrong. Only through consistent education, it is possible to let it run in the course of long walks without a leash, because otherwise his sense of detection and hunting prevails. He is very greedy and eaten, which is why care must be taken that he does not become overweight. Anyone who wants to buy a Cocker Spaniel, should be informed in detail about the hereditary cocker, which can develop the dogs of some breeding lines. This nervous disease, which occurs mainly in red cocker spaniels, manifests itself in gratuitous, attack-like aggressiveness, which can sometimes lead to bite injuries to the owner.