Comparison of hamsters and guinea pigs

Differences and similarities

hamsterGuinea pig
Latin nameCricetinaeCaviidae
animal classmammalsmammals
ancestryEurope / AsiaSouth America
chromosome number4464
Life expectancyMax. 2 yearsMax. ten years
size5 - 30cm (depending on the species)12 - 30cm (depending on the species)
mass0.1 - 0.6kg0,5 - 1,2kg
anatomyshort tailno visible tail
nutritionPlant material, roots, crops, seeds, insectsGrasses, hay, vegetables
sexual maturityafter 1-2 monthsafter a month
mating seasonJanuary - March (in the wild)all year
litter size3 - 10 hamsters2 - 6 guinea pigs
pregnancy18 - 25 days60 - 70 days
social typeNesthockerprecocial
social behaviorlonerpack animals
behaviorHamsters make suppliesGuinea pigs do not create supplies
activityactive at night and in the darkdiurnal