Comparison of embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells

Differences and similarities

Embryonic stem cellAdult stem cell
abbreviationES cellsAS cells
BegriffsherleitungGreek émbryon = unbornLatin adultus = adult
functionTraining of the organismRenewal of body cells; Blood formation (hematopoiesis)
degree of differentiationpluripotent or totipotentunipotent, oligopotent, multipotent or pluripotent
OccurrencePluripotent stem cells only in the early embryonic stage (up to the 8-cell stage)et al in the brain, bone marrow, liver, muscles and skin
recovery opportunitiesEmbryo, fetusUmbilical cord blood, bone marrow
Use / UseIn Germany forbidden by lawe.g. in leukemia therapy
ethicsMost problematic because the embryo is killedNo problem, as the adult stem cells are taken from the bone marrow