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Terbium (Tb) properties

Atomic mass, symbol and atomic number

terbium is a natural element with the element symbol Tb and atomic number 65. In the periodic table, it belongs to the Lanthanoids with an atomic mass of 158.925 u. The chemical element discovered by Carl Gustav Mosander in 1842 is not radioactive and is in a solid state of aggregation at room temperature.

Profile: Terbium (English Terbium)

Chemical element:terbium
Atomic number:65
Appearance:gray to black
explorers:Carl Gustav Mosander
Year of discovery:1842
Atomic properties
Atomic mass:158,925 u
Atomic radius:175 pm
Covalent radius:194 pm
Van der Waals radius:???
Electron configuration:Xe 4f9 6s2
ionization:565.8 kJ / mol
Physical Properties
Physical state:firmly
Crystal structure:hexagonal
molar volume:19,30 · 10-6 m3/ mol
Mohs hardness:???
Melting point:1356 ° C
Boiling point:3123 ° C
Heat of fusion:10.8 kJ / mol
Heat of vaporization:391 kJ / mol
Thermal conductivity:11 W
Chemical properties

Did you know that ...

  • Terbium belongs to the metals of the rare earths?
  • The elements terbium, erbium, yttrium, holmium, and thulium could be detected for the first time in a Swedish mine (pit Ytterby)?
  • Terbium as a pure element, so with only one naturally occurring isotope applies?