Rhodesian Ridgeback


Surname: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Alternative names: /
Original origin: Zimbabwe
FCI group: Running dogs, sweat dogs and related breeds
size: up to 70cm
size: up to 66cm
Mass () : 27 - 37kg
Mass () : 24 - 33kg
Life expectancy: 9 - 12 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 5 - 8
coat color: light brown
coat type: shiny, smooth
coat length: short
Character / essence: loyal, attentive, intelligent, courageous
attitude: a lot of exercise; consistent education

Rhodesian Ridgeback - introduction information

Of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is considered the only breeder from South Africa. The development of these unique dogs began in Zimbabwe, formerly known as Rhodesia. The direct ancestors of the Rhodesian Ridgeback were excellent track dogs, which bore the characteristic "Ridge" like many wild animals that are native to Africa, which means "elevation" or "comb" in German. This refers to the so-called eel stroke, a hairline running on the back, which clearly and noticeably points in the opposite direction of growth. In addition to the Rodesian Ridgeback, for example, goat, donkey or skunk have such an eel line. In the former Cape Colony, these dogs were bred to track down hunting and sniffing and securing big game over long distances. The Rhodesian Ridgeback was also used to protect human settlements from attack by wildcats and other predators as well as invaders. In the twenties of the last century, the breed standards were finally set and recognized the Rhodesian Ridgeback as a separate breed.
This spirited dog counts with a shoulder height of up to seventy centimeters and a maximum weight of 37 kilograms to the large breeds of dogs. Reminiscent of the remnant of his ancestors is the typical Ridge, which is about five inches wide and runs from the shoulder blades to the hips. The Rhodesian Ridgeback has a muscular and elegant figure with a slender neck, medium-length lop-eared ears, a curved and long tail and a well-proportioned skull. Its short, smooth and shiny coat can range from an intense wheat tone to reddish brown. Depending on the color, the Rhodesian Ridgeback has dark or amber eyes as well as a black or buff nose.
With its dignified appearance, the Rhodesian Ridgeback is considered one of the dog breeds that seem to be fully aware of its effect on humans. This dog is characterized by high intelligence, attention and his distinctive nose. His pedigree strong protector instinct makes him a highly talented watchdog. He has a balanced nature and is ideal as a family dog. He encounters strangers with distance, but without aggression. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a loyal, obedient and docile partner to its owners. It is important to give him enough time for extensive tours in the great outdoors, he has a strong urge to move. Therefore, the attitude in a house with a large garden is recommended. Not only regular exercise is important, but also physical activity and spiritual support guarantee that it is not under-challenged and develops unwanted behavior.