Border collie


SurnameImage: Border collie
Alternative names: /
Original origin: Great Britain
FCI group: Herding dogs and cattle dogs
size: up to 55cm
size: up to 52cm
Mass () : 14 - 20kg
Mass () : 12 - 18kg
Life expectancy: 12 - 15 years
nutrition: Carnivore
sexual maturity:
litter size: 6 - 8
coat color: black and white, brown
coat type: tight
coat length: medium in length
Character / essence: intelligent, dynamic, active, determined
attitude: no housing, a lot of exercise

Border Collie - introduction information

As an ancestor of the Border Collies shepherd dogs are believed to have already arrived in the UK with the Vikings. Already from the time of the late Middle Ages there are written records about the way of working, appearance and character of such dogs. The name of the Border Collie, which has been internationally recognized as an independent breed since 1976, derives from the border region between England, Wales and Scotland, the so-called Border Counties, where the Border Collie was bred exclusively for work as a shepherd. In the course of the twentieth century, it also gained in importance as a show and companion dog in Europe. Even today, some optical and character distinctions result from different breeding lines of working and exhibition dogs, which is why no uniformly defined breed standards for border collies still apply.
These extremely talented shepherd and herding dogs are of harmoniously proportioned, muscular and yet very slender physique, which allows them quick movements and long endurance. The Border Collie has a long and bushy tail and a broad skull with widely spaced, brown or piercing light blue eyes. He reaches a shoulder height of up to 55 centimeters, with the bitches are slightly smaller than the males. The medium-long, grown on the neck to a pronounced mane coat can appear in addition to the classic black and white in many other color combinations, including blue-white, blue-merle, red-merle, red-white or sable, the color white never dominate should. The dense undercoat makes Border Collies extremely resistant to harsh weather conditions.
The Border Collie is considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds ever. He needs the constant intensive cooperation with his fellow human beings and is due to its slightly nervous nature only limited for the attitude in a family with children. As pets, Border Collies are extremely demanding because they need permanent physical and mental employment as bred working dogs. Therefore, many dogs of this breed are also used as rescue and search dogs or in dog sports. They are very athletic and have a strong urge to move. If you want to buy a Border Collie, you should be able to invest at least three hours a day in order to deal with it intensively. The Border Collie does not necessarily have to be kept as a shepherd or working dog, but at least kept up with daily retrieves, dog frisbee and similar sporting activities. If he is under-challenged, he can easily show unwanted and aggressive behavioral patterns.