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S2019_Lecture_22_Reading_New_NB_Test - Biology

Protein SynthesisIntroductionThe process of translation in biology is the decoding an mRNA message into a polypeptide product. Put another way, a message written in the chemical language of nucleotides is & 34;translated& 34; into the chemical language of amino acids. Amino acids are linearly strung together via covalent bonds (called peptide bonds) between amino and carboxyl termini of adjacent amino acids.
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The cherry tree - deciduous tree

Characteristics Name: Cherry Tree Latin name: Prunus avium Number of Species:? Range: Northern Hemisphere Fruits: Cherries (see picture right) Flowering period: April - May Height: 10 - 20m Age: 30 - 90 years Properties of the bark: greyish Characteristics of the wood: red-brown, medium-hard, tree locations: nutrient-rich Soil, half shade Leaf: oval, tapering, about 5 - 7 cm long, serrated Interesting facts about the cherry tree Cherry trees are among the rose plants or Rosceae and are divided into wild and cultivated forms.
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